Affordable Towing Service Denton

Imagine being stuck on the highway at night with no one to help you. You try to flag the few cars that go flying by you, but to no avail. Better yet imagine dead of winter driving home from a dinner and a movie and all of a sudden you hear that heart breaking flopping sound. You drive to see if your ears are deceiving you, but you realize they are not. You pull over because you want to check the suspect sounds. You go around the car look at all the tires and realize that your tire has been completely flattened.

Now you have to choose between ducking down in the cold of winter to change a tire and dirty all your fresh new clothes. Or just sleeping in your car until morning. Let’s just say you do choose to change the tire and you don’t care about the clothes. You take all that hard man power to jack the car up with the dirty bar from the baby jack that the manufacturers give as a sub par gratitude all the while going over in your head that you will just knock the nuts out really quick and get it over with. Finally get the tire off of the ground. Go to twist the nuts off and they are STUCK, all five of them none will budge. Now what do you do, beg for help? Take the very less glamorous option of sleeping in your car, what?

If this is a scary thought for you and believe me it’s a scary thought for me too cause I have been in these situations personally and you feel like you’ve been left out in the cold being in a situation like this. Trust me you want to be protected from these situations and more you want to be protected when you need it the most. What is even scarier for me is not being prepared to come out your pocket for a tow if any things happens. If you need someone to bring you gas, if you need someone to come change your tire. I’m pretty sure you could think of plenty of things you can do with that extra money. Because tow companies are merciless if you cant pay it they want to hold on to your car and not as a humanitarian service either. Just like that you lose all your freedoms until you can pay that hostage negotiator for your stuff. Who wants to be stuck in a depressing stressful situation like that.

Now imagine because you decided to protect yourself, cause you’re intelligent, making extra money to take the vacation you been dying to take. Eat the way you want to eat. Completely free yourself from the prison that holds you captive from all the things you wish you could do. Make the right moves right now don’t wait till later to regret what you didn’t do.